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The roots of Harem Gold and Precious Metals, Inc. go back to the early 1980s in Istanbul’s world-famous Grand Bazaar. Starting out with an industry leadership vision, Harem Precious Metals has placed utmost emphasis on customer trust and quality service since day one.


Another important milestone for Harem Gold and Precious Metals, Inc. has been the launch of a branch at Istanbul’s Kuyumcukent (meaning “Jewelercity”), a key domestic as well as European center for modern jewelry production and trade. Having a presence in this important trade center boosted the Group’s ability to access customers and reinforced its position in the industry.


Its extensive experience and resulting customer trust, its technological investments, and its range of products and services provided without compromising quality and customer satisfaction enable Harem Precious Metals to make great strides in the precious metals business.




Harem Precious Metals is an innovative enterprise specialized in all areas of the precious metals trade. Our leading position in gold trading renders us an ideal partner for literally all actors in the precious metals industry. Such parties include mining companies, industrial producers, jewelry manufacturers and dealers, banks, and last but not least, retail investors.

Harem Precious Metals offers a comprehensive spectrum of services all along the precious metals value chain. These include the responsible procurement of the metals from ethical suppliers, the logistics involved in the safe and legal transport of material from its origin to target markets, and the distribution of the finished product in the right markets.


Harem Altın Ürün


Harem Precious Metals is a strong player in the production of gram gold bars as well. We manufacture bars bearing our own logo and deliver it to the customer along with the bar’s legal certificate. In addition to our gold bar operations, we also trade in silver, platinum, and palladium.

Celebrating its 40th year, Harem Precious Metals bolsters its leading position in the industry even further day by day, working hard to move forward on its sustainable growth path.



Being an industry leader in Turkey by further enhancing our expertise in gold, with our branches and dealers appropriate to our corporate identity, our innovative digital applications, and our growing customer portfolio. Having a strong presence in international markets as a global player. Being at the forefront of the business as a price-setting player in all markets we operate.


Meeting customer expectations in the best fashion with continuously developed product and service quality. Always keeping close to customers as the industry’s most trusted and innovative company with the most competent team in the business.
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Integrity: We do our business in great solemnity, not diverging from integrity, in line with the honorable values of the society we are part of.

Honesty: Aware that honesty is the greatest source of reputation in our business, we conduct our customer and business relationships saying “honesty comes first”.

Trust: Recognizing that our current industry position and market power have been built on customer trust, we pay utmost attention to not disappointing that trust in everything we do.
Gold Trading


Harem Precious Metals provides top-quality gold trading services, including imports and exports, in all physical forms.

Borsa İstanbul


Harem Precious Metals Group companies are officially recognized members of Borsa Istanbul and operate in its Precious Metals Market.

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