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Harem Precious Metals is an innovative enterprise specialized in all areas of the precious metals trade. Our central location in Istanbul provides our suppliers with easy access to the market for precious metals trading. The precious metals in which we deal are traded in domestic and international markets for the use of banks, jewelry retailers and producers, and investors.


Thanks to the gold import and export authorizations owned by our Group companies as Borsa Istanbul members, we are able to provide the best available prices to our customers.

At Harem Precious Metals, we offer our customers multiple methods of securely accessing precious metals markets. In addition to using conventional channels, you can conveniently conduct price fixing operations wherever you are, while the particular market is open, using our digital platform developed in house. This platform enables you to execute trades in gold (bar, jewelry, and scrap) and in international currencies, and to complete transactions on the London Gold Fix as well.





As a matter of corporate principle, we as Harem Precious Metals Group work only with the leading refineries of the world and Turkey that operate under the strictest standards. In this context, we cooperate with LMBA members and domestic refineries approved by our Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

At Harem Precious Metals branches we provide our customers with purity information by performing preliminary precious metal analysis using XRF. Furthermore, we work with specialized centers authorized by Turkey’s National Mint that employ state-of-the-art equipment for thorough precious metals analyses.




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We offer a comprehensive spectrum of services all along the precious metals value chain. These include the responsible procurement of the metals from ethical suppliers, the logistics involved in the safe and legal transport of material from its origin to target markets, and the distribution of the finished product in the right markets. We execute cross-border transfers of precious metals in cooperation with the most reliable and reputable logistics companies with proper insurance.





The Precious Metals Market of Borsa Istanbul, the successor of the Istanbul Gold Exchange since 2013, is an organized market where gold imported by member institutions has been competitively traded since its inauguration back in 1995. Harem Precious Metals Group companies are official Borsa Istanbul members. Also licensed for foreign trade in gold, our Group companies can import and export gold bars, scrap gold, doré bars, and silver.





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Harem Precious Metals Group provides its institutional clients with seamless and effortless service regarding all their foreign exchange needs. These include expert-level currency-trading and exchange-rate-fixing services tailored to the business needs of the particular corporate client. We offer the opportunity to conduct retail and wholesale transactions easily and securely, with a best-price guarantee in more than 50 currencies, to institutions including manufacturers, importers, exporters and tourism establishments, among others.




We at Harem Precious Metals create value for our business partners with our technological services. We provide our dealers with services such as “Install on TV & Display” and “Install on Your Website & Add” for use in their shops or on their websites. Our business partners can customize their particular market dashboard with products and prices according to their needs by means of a user-friendly control panel.

Moreover, we as Harem Precious Metals assume the mission of being the information-platform leader of the industry through our financial applications. It is possible to obtain instant market quotes quickly and securely, to track domestic and international markets, and to access research and analysis on the precious metals and currency businesses using our website and mobile app.





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