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Harem Precious Metals Group is a strong player in gram gold bars. We produce our own bars bearing our own logo and deliver it to the customer along with the bar’s legal certificate. For the manufacture of gram gold, we collaborate with select gold refineries operating under international standards.

Gram gold bars are guarantee-carrying gold bars that adhere to fixed weight and purity standards. They come in varieties of 1 g, 5 g, 10 g, 20 g, 50 g and 100 g, and at 995.0 or 999.9 level purity.




The gram gold bar certificate is a document guaranteeing that the particular bar is at the specified purity level and specified weight, conforming to internationally accepted standards.

This certificate of authenticity also documents the refinery where the bar has been manufactured. The standards embodied within the guarantee are displayed on the bar’s protective packaging as well.

Gram gold bar cases also contain QR codes that can be used to access instant market quotes for the particular product.

Gram Gold Bar Certificate
Gold Coin Variaties



These include varieties of gold produced by Turkey’s National Mint under the standards set forth by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, and they might serve as legal tender. Locally called “Republican gold”, these consist of two types: bullion coins and jewelry coins. They come in five varieties, including quarter, half, whole, two and a half, and quintet, at ten different diameter and weight options. All such products are made of 22-karat gold.



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